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“The process and tools were very effective. Most of all, the one– on–one sessions with each leader were conducted very well. Each leader discussed their agreements & disagreements & Vernalis was able to get them to understand the feedback completely ”

Shrihari Gokhale

CEO, Fiserv India

“The 360 Feedback and Coaching clicked as an ‘eye’ opener.  It helped me understand how others perceive me and their behavior. Those insights provided me an opportunity to enhance my people management qualities and become a more effective leader.”

Sudhir Kumbhar

HOD Customer Support, Kam Avida

“Very structured and pragmatic methodology. The feedback analysis and counselling proved very insightful & highly relevant to my management style. The follow-up development plans too were practical and resulted in overall improvement in my own outlook.”

Jaydeep Goyal

Vice President, Fiserv India

Get the Most out of 360 Feedback

TrueSphere360’s unique outcome-focussed design takes care of Critical Success Factors

Try out a DEMO

A neat and easy-to-use, survey interface. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly and accessible across devices!


Individual 360 Report

Synoptic view of scores, comments to aid easy interpretation. Includes a detailed quantitative and qualitative reporting.

Org-wide 360 Report

Aggregate profile of all 360 participants. A very useful input while prioritising development programs for employees.

Development Plans

Concepts, practice plans and feedback methods to boost the development journey and also track progress post the 360.

View Deliverable Samples

Get in Touch with one of our Experts who will take you through all the 360 Deliverable samples and also answer your queries.

Smart 360 Feedback Tool

Impactful Rater Training

Videos embedded in survey to train raters to give more accurate responses

Auto Rater Bias Detection

Revolutionary Artifical Intelligence based Rater Bias Detection and Warning Technology

Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support within the 360 Survey so raters get help when they most need it

Launch an Impactful 360 Feedback Project for your Organisation

Applications of 360 Feedback


360 degree Feedback is often used to find out the training needs for the organisation or as a starting point for any development initiative. It is advisable to follow it up with concrete developmental initiatives.


360 degree feedback can also be used to capture perceptions from relevant stakeholders on the focus person’s KPIs. The data from this kind of a 360 is usually used as one of the inputs for the focus person’s appraisal.

Executive Coaching

A fully customised, standalone 360 is deployed to collect specific data on current status of the development goals that have been identified for Coaching. A similar post-facto 360 is also used to track the impact of coaching.



Questionnaire Design Tips


Questionnaire Design Tips


Designing Rating Scales


Designing Rating Scales


Overcoming Rater Biases


Overcoming Rater Biases


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Vernalis India Pvt. Ltd.

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Board: +91 22 6725 8000


Vernalis India Pvt. Ltd.

6C3 Gundecha Enclave,
Kherani Road, Saki Naka,
Andheri East, Mumbai - 72.
Board: +91 22 6725 8000

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