Mitalee Sharma

Mitalee Sharma, Consultant
B.E (Computer Science), Masters (Social Work)

Mitalee Sharma, is a consultant at Vernalis. She is a Software Engineer (University of Pune) and has a Masters degree in Social work from Christ University, Bangalore. She handles business development for Vernalis in Bangalore.

Mitalee began her corporate career with Infosys, but her inner calling prompted her to explore jobs in the field of human resources (at HR practice and then at Puma). At Puma, she was responsible for Employee engagement, and took the initiative to get the organisation nominated for Great Places to Work. Puma won 8th best place to work (retail sector) and was ranked in top 100 best places to work (across all industries). She was recognized for her contribution (she won the best debutant award that year).

Still not satisfied, she continued her search and eventually discovering her passion for the field of Behavioural Science. This led her to shift her focus to a career in the field of Mental health and Counselling. After getting a Diploma in Counselling Skills from Banjara Academy, Bangalore (Member: WFMM) she started to work closely with people suffering from Addiction (approximately 50 individuals so far) and college students (close to 10) helping them with coping strategies. In a short while, she gained recognition for positively shaping these individuals with her non- judgemental and empathetic interactions.

She also partners with people who are looking to transform their lives and relationships to improve their emotional well-being through one on one (10), family (5) and group sessions.

Mitalee’s benchmark attribute is her courage to explore her true calling, and commitment to pursue it. Another key differentiator is her comfort being vulnerable, and in a disarming manner genuinely connect with others at a non-judgmental and humane level.  As an individual, she believes that an individual should keep exploring themselves.  All this makes her an extremely valued counsellor and coach.