Abhijit Bhabhe

Abhijit Bhabhe, CEO
MBA, IIM Bangalore

Abhijit Bhabhe was a part of the founding team of Vernalis. He presently leads the Leadership Assessment & Coaching practice at Vernalis. He is also an ICF Certified Coach.

Abhijit started his career with Deutsche Bank; working in the area of Corporate Banking, focusing on the MNC client-base of the Bank. However, his need to get personal experience with running a business and as well as offer hands-on support to corporate transformation, prompted him to co-found Vernalis. Since then he has participated in executing over 200 projects of which he has been the project leader for over a 100 projects.

Abhijit has developed strong expertise in key Vernalis service areas: Competency Mapping, Talent management, Design and implementation of Performance Management systems, Assessment-Development Centers, and the Implementation of HR systems. He has a broad understanding of the use and application of a range of psychometric instruments. He is a seasoned assessor with deep empathy for candidates and outstanding Assessment skills. Abhijit has set competitive benchmarks in critical reasoning and observation skills performances which astonish participants in skill building workshops and he is a favourite with all MBAs and Trainee Assessors who attend his Critical Reasoning skill building workshops.

He combines his excellent analytical skills with an innate ability to manage client situations in a balanced manner. He is fondly recalled as an outstanding coach by numerous Senior Managers who have had the opportunity of being coached by him in Senior Management Development Centers, where his quiet manners and technical mastery have dissolved the resistance of many participants twice his age. Gentle to a fault, Abhijit achieves great success in tricky transformation situations with his intelligence, humility, openness and commitment to fairness.

His interests and contribution in Vernalis ranges from finance and strategy to research and project execution. Abhijit is a keen researcher and has contributed extensively to the maturing of the Assessment and Development practice at Vernalis. His contribution to developing of the path-breaking CORE method as well as in the systematizing of the assessment process (notably for Senior & Middle management Development Centers), has won several plaudits from clients for Vernalis. He has also contributed to the design and deployment of over 60 high-quality Simulations at Vernalis.

Reserved by preference, Abhijit is highly talented and multifaceted: a University topper in college, he is a talented writer and also naturally gifted at sports which include skiing, swimming and cricket.