Myth-2 | Sr. Managers Reject Low Ratings

Organisations rarely communicate poor scores to Senior Managers. The process is made opaque to avoid disappointment and conflict. This feeds the myth that Senior Managers ‘reject’ poor scores. 

NOT TRUE. In Vernalis Assessment-Development Centers (ADCs) low scores are not just accepted, but end up creating high motivation for change. Of the last 300 Senior Managers from leading companies assessed by Vernalis, 189 Managers (63%) got at least one Low Rating (either 1 (Poor) or 2 (Marginal) on a 5-point scale). Yet, despite these severe scores, 78 percent participants fully accepted these scores. The rest had partial acceptance.  NONE Rejected it.

Moreover, 92 percent of these Managers rated the program as ‘Very Good’, ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Best Program Ever’ attended.

Organisations rarely communicate poor scores to Senior Managers. In Vernalis ADC's however, low scores are not just accepted but end up creating high motivation for change.

This seems miraculous to most clients, given that most managers were reluctant to be assessed in the first place.  It is no surprise that for over 15 years, clients have rated Vernalis Sr Mgmt ADCs as superior to all other ADCs.  A Leading German Assessor-Trainer informally rated Vernalis as the finest Assessment Center Service Provider across 35 countries (across Europe, America and Asia).

How do we consistently manage Outstanding feedback from cynical & sceptical Senior Managers? How can Top Management use High-Quality Assessment Centers for Org Transformation?  How to launch a High-Impact Leadership Program with minimal costs and maximal results?

We look forward to covering these and other points on creating a world class Sr leadership team in our forthcoming posts.

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